Template Blocks

GOV.UK template blocks and their default values

Template block name Location / Information Default template values
top_of_page Before doctype Insertion point
html_lang value of the HTML lang attribute en
page_title Text inside the <title> element GOV.UK - The best place to find government services and information
stylesheet The default stylesheet <link href="stylesheets/govuk-frontend.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" />
head Before closing </head> element Insertion point
body_classes Classes to be added to the <body> element Insertion point
body_start After opening <body> element Insertion point
skip_link_message Text inside the skip to main content link Skip to main content
cookie_message Text inside the cookie message banner <p>GOV.UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. <a href="https://www.gov.uk/help/cookies">Find out more about cookies</a></p>
header_class <header> element Set the value of header_class to with-proposition to show the propositional navigation
homepage_url URL of anchor element wrapping logo https://www.gov.uk/
logo_link_title Title of anchor element wrapping logo Go to the GOV.UK homepage
global_header_text Text next to the crown image GOV.UK
inside_header Inside parent .header-global Insertion point
proposition_header Inside parent .header-wrapper Add a propositional title and navigation links
after_header After closing </header> element Insertion point
phase_banner Before the main content <div> Insertion point
content Main content goes in here Insertion point. Content must be wrapped with id="content" for the skiplink to work.
footer_top Inside parent #footer-wrapper Insertion point
footer_support_links Inside parent .footer-meta-inner Insertion point
licence_message Open Government Licence text and link <p>All content is available under the <a href="https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/3/" rel="license">Open Government Licence v3.0</a>, except where otherwise stated</p>
crown_copyright_message Copyright message © Crown copyright
body_end Before closing </body> element Insertion point