Form radio group

Radio buttons

  • use these to let users choose a single option from a list
  • for more than two options, radio buttons should be stacked

Use hint text

Make it clear with words that users can select only one option.


Name Type Default Required Description
id string Yes Radio button id attribute
name string Yes Radio button name attribute value. Radio buttons that have the same value for the name attribute are in the same “radio button group”
checked boolean No Use the checked attribute to indicate whether this item is selected
value string Yes Use the value attribute to define the value submitted by this item
legend string Yes Legend text for the radio group
legendIsVisuallyHidden boolean false No Option to hide legend text (to provide legend text for AT, but not visually)
hint string No Hint text for a question
error string No Error text for a question
radioGroup array Yes An array of radio buttons, with ID, value and label keys