Form group

Form fields

  • make field widths proportional to the input they take
  • ensure that users can enter the information they need at smaller screen sizes
  • snap form fields to 100% width at smaller screen sizes


  • all form fields should be given labels
  • don’t hide labels, unless the surrounding context makes them unnecessary
  • labels should be aligned above their fields
  • label text should be short, direct and in sentence case
  • avoid colons at the end of labels
  • labels should be associated with form fields using the for attribute

Optional and mandatory fields

  • only ask for the information you absolutely need
  • if you do ask for optional information, mark the labels of optional fields with ‘(optional)’ don’t mark mandatory fields with asterisks

Hint text

  • don’t use placeholder text in form fields, as this will disappear once content is entered into the form field
  • use hint text for supporting contextual help, this will always be shown
  • hint text should sit above a form field
  • ensure hint text can be read correctly by screen readers


Name Type Default Required Description
id string Yes Checkbox id attribute value
name string Yes Checkbox name attribute value
legend string Yes Legend text for the checkbox group
legendIsVisuallyHidden boolean false No Option to hide legend text (to provide legend text for AT, but not visually)
hint string No Hint text for a question
error string No Error text for a question
checkboxGroup array Yes An array of checkboxes, with ID, value and label keys
value string Yes The value of a checkbox